The following companies and organizations distribute catalogues and sell products useful for blind and visually impaired persons. This list is not intended to be a complete listing of all organizations which sell such products, nor is it intended to be an endorsement of the actual products.


Canes Accessories Cane Tips Canes for children


Advantage Canes




Assitech Special Needs


California Canes


The Carroll Store




Independent Living Aids




National Federation of the Blind


Guide Dogs for the Blind


LS & S Learning Sight & Sound Made Easier



Vendors in the Vancouver/Portland Area


EnableMart Sales Office

4210 E. 4th Plain Blvd.

Vancouver, WA. 98661 USA

888-640-1999 (Toll Free)


Vision Northwest

9225 SW Hall Blvd.

Portland OR 97223

503 684 8389

800 448 2232